Intellectual Output 1

State-of-the-art report on creativity thinking skills and innovation practices in the ICT sector in partner countries.

The State-of-the-art Report has provided comparable data for all participating countries and it was the first step in the planning and design phase of the project. The main objectives were:

  • to identify the main tasks/activities which most lack creative thinking+to provide an in-depth analysis on the main barriers for ICT employees and employers to apply creative thinking and what are the obstacles for systematic innovation (ex. lack of such practices, lack of information and/or understanding of creative techniques)
  • to identify the preferences of the future users of the Toolkit as to the type of creative thinking and innovation skills they would find useful to develop and boost at work and also the best training approach for them
  • to gain important insights straight from project stakeholders and the target groups considering both the Self-Diagnostic Test and the Toolkit.

The report has provided an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of the ICT innovation capacity and creative performance in the partner countries. The common methodology used to collect the data allowed comparison between the Partner countries and identifying of common trends.

The consortium have sucessfully achived the following quantitative data results:

  • 133 ICT SMEs organisation took part in our InnoSpark online survey and 176 participants completed the survey;
  • 50 participants from 37 organisations took part in our InnoSpark focus group interviews.

Please click below for the country reports:

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To download the complete State-of-the-art report on creativity thinking skills and innovation practices in the ICT sector, please click here.