Second Meeting in Spain

The second transnational meeting under the project “InnoSpark - Sparking Creativity and Innovation Skills in the ICT Sector” was held on 07 to 08 April 2016 in Bilbao, Spain. The meeting took place at the offices of our hosting partner Tecnalia.

During the meeting all partners reviewed the outcome from the surveys and focus groups conducted in their own countries as part of the projects Intellectual Output 1.

The project consortium then discussed the dissemination of the project so far, with some amazing results demonstrated by all counties.

A lively debate and brainstorming session then took place between all partners on the development of Intellectual Output 2, the Creativity Self Diagnostic Tool. This tool is really beginning to take shape and we look forward to testing the prototype soon.

On the second day the partners discussed the events and activities during the next four months of the project. Project financial reports, financial requirements and dissemination activities implemented so far have also been discussed. Afterwards, an evaluation of the meeting was made.

The next project meeting is scheduled for September.