Address: VIA TRIESTE 90


Promimpresa srl is a private company which provides and promotes services for enterprises. The corporate headquarter is located in San Cataldo but the company has branches also in Palermo, Bologna and Milan. The full time staff of Promimpresa is composed of 25 employees. The mission of the company is to support their clients during their path of development, providing qualified assistance and monitoring of all activities. Promimpresa provides its services to SMEs, public entities, manufacturing and service companies operating in various fields, including companies in the ICT sector.

The services provided by Promimpresa comprise:

  • Continuous education for enterprises, with a special focus on foreign language courses.
  • Training programmes for unemployed people (i.e. vocational education)
  • Recruitment  (Employment Agency for the activities of Research and Recruitment, accredited by the Italian Ministry of Labour)
  • On-line courses (Promimpresa is an e-learning center point of the Telematic University “Pegaso”).

Promimpresa offers training for employees working for private companies or local authorities. The provided courses can be predefined but also on-demand (content, objectives and duration of the courses, all the details are determined by the customer in such case Promimpresa’s task is to set an ad hoc training related to the information received). 

The teaching methodology applied by Promimpresa is based on three elements:

  • interaction between trainers and trainees - learning systems based on words, images, direct experience, comparison and evaluation.
  • learning by doing;
  • constant involvement of students through the use of individual and group exercises in order to learn immediately what they are taught (analysis of case studies, conducting exercises and simulations acquire the skills needed to manage in a conscious and effective real work situations).

Promimpresa’s courses are addressed to various levels of the customer organizations, from top management to executives, from technical specialists to the professional sector (employees and workers). Appropriate teaching methodologies are adopted in order to meet the specific needs of each target group.

Promimpresa srl uses quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 certified by Istituto Giordano SpA with certificate no. 982 of 11/05/2006 valid for the following products: "Design and provision of training services to public and private entities", Field of accreditation: EA37. The certification is recognized by ACCREDIA. 

Promimpresa participates in PMI Sicilia (Association of SMEs) and is partner of Manpower Group for the training of the staff working at Milan EXPO 2015 and technical consultancy to the exhibitors. The company trains approximately 70 SMEs per year and can reach at least 25 ICT companies at local and national level.