Intellectual Output 4

Compendium of Best Practices and Innovation

The Best Practices and Innovation Compendium contains good proven, effective and evidence-based examples of innovations in the ICT sector reached through creativity thinking techniques.  A best practice may be a particular method, or it may be a whole program or intervention. As best practice will be considered practices that have been found to be successful in accomplishing their goals, and that can be used, or adapted for use by other organizations engaged in ICT.

The goal of the compendium was to attract the attention to the topic of creativity and innovation and to demonstrate working practices from the real ICT business life. In addition, ICT employees and managers who have identified gaps, needs, and opportunities in their work will be provided proven practices that can be adapted to meet their specific needs. By reviewing the lessons learnt from other peer companies, ICT employees and managers can apply their own practices with greater confidence that they will lead to improved performance.

By seeing a best practice into action a lot of uncertainties are removed. Employing a program or method, whose structure and process are carefully documented, makes it easier to set up and implement, increasing the chances that it will go smoothly.


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