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Q1. What are your preferred learning style/tools?

Q2. How creative would you consider yourself to be?

Q3. Your boss has assigned you your first big project, and the success or failure of the project could make or break your career, What would you do?

Q4.Put the following pictures in order from happy to sad:

Tip: click with your mouse on each picture and then drag it into the position, from left to right top to bottom



Q5. How many alternative uses can you think of for this brick ?

Tip: To give you an example, below are some alternative uses for a brick:, A step, A paperweight, A diving aid, A cheap dumbell.

  • please list all of your alternative uses below

Q6a. Do you have a great fascination for another era or country?

Q6b. What's is more annoying?

Q6c. What's is more important to you?

Q6d. Do you remind others how different you are?

Q6e. How creative are you?

Q7. What do you see first when you look at the images below?

Q8a. When I don't have a ready answer, I tend to be:

Q8b. When I disagree with others, I tend to:

Q8c. When working on a problem, I change strategies:

Q8d. In most cases:

Q8e. When faced with a number of tasks, I:

Q8f. At school I was (am) better at:

Q9a. Change that affects the way outputs are produced are referred to as:

Q9b. Which of the following is an innovation attribute that will increase the speed at which it will spread?

Q9c. Which of the following is a disadvantage of technology leadership?

Q10. Design and Creativity Tools

Tip: Select three tools that you feel relates most to creativity and design

Q11a. Where is this man headed?

Q11 b. What do you see first?

Q11 c. Is this man inside or outside?

Q11 d. How many faces can you see?

Q12. How do you agree / Disagree with the following questions?

Tip: Move the slide to a place where you feel comfortable

Disagree Agree
Disagree Agree
Disagree Agree
Disagree Agree
Disagree Agree

Q13a. In conversation with a friend, they make a comment that you don't agree with, in fact, you strongly disagree with what they have said. You:

Q13b. You have the opportunity to learn a new skill. You:

Q13c. Someone comes to tell you their problem. You:

Q13d. Asking questions makes you feel:

Q14. How does your optimism rate?

Tip: Move the slide to a place where you feel comfortable


Q15. How good is your goal setting?

Tip: Move the slide to a place where you feel comfortable


Q16. Which animal do you consider to be like you?

Please select up to 3 animals

Q17. The moon landing test

You are a member of a space crew scheduled to rendezvous with a mother ship on the lighted surface of the moon. However, due to mechanical difficulties, your own ship was forced to land at a spot 200 miles from the rendezvous point.

Your task is to rank the 12 items below in terms of their importance for your crew, Sort the following from important to not useful (left to right, top to bottom)




Q18a. You last changed a habit when?

Q18b. Do you fear change?

Q18c. Do you take the time to self-evaluate?

Q18d. What motivates you?

Q19. How good are your planning skills?

Tip: Move the slide to a place where you feel comfortable

Not at all  Very Often
Not at all  Very Often
Not at all  Very Often
Not at all  Very Often
Not at all  Very Often

Q20a. How do you put a giraffe into a fridge?

Q20b. How do you put an elephant into a fridge?

Q20c. The King of the jungle is holding a meeting for all of the animals. One of them is not there. Which one?

Q20d. You are standing on the bank of an alligator infested river and have to get to the other side. What do you do?

Questions complete! Thank you for your time.

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